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For questions or assistance please contact the GasBuyer® / Energy Insights Helpdesk at 610.407.2987 or via E-mail at

Planalytics® GasBuyer / Energy Insights  is a price analysis and risk management tool used for natural gas purchasing and hedging decisions.

The GasBuyer / Energy Insights combines a live CME Group price feed with fundamental and market analyses, proprietary long-range climate forecasts and predictive technologies to continously evaluate prices and determine if natural gas is undervalued or overvalued. GasBuyer / Energy Insights effectively guides clients through an increasingly complicated pricing structure by accurately assessing the impacts of various market drivers and distilling this information down to straightforward purchasing guidance (buy or don't buy) up to 18 months into the future. This forward view of the market enables clients to take action when good buying opportunities are available and avoid making mistakes when prices are too high.

For more information on GasBuyer / Energy Insights or to request a demonstration, please contact Paul Corby at 610-407-2987 or via E-mail at

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